The Beef Subscription Program is simple!

we will deliver 10 pounds of beef to your home once a month

To make things even easier for people to put Mitchell Bros. Beef on their tables, we are now offering a Beef Subscription option. This can greatly reduce common issues that some people are having with larger freezer orders - mainly freezer space and forgetting about it buried in the back. 

For $125/month, with a three month commitment you will enjoy a mixture of the following roasts, steaks and other treats:

Roasts (4lbs): Prime Rib, Chuck/Blade, Sirloin Tip, Cross Rib, Inside/Outside Round, Eye of Round

Steaks (2/pkg): New York, Tenderloin, Sirloin, Sirloin Tip, Rib, Wing

Premium Ground Beef

Your Freezer Pack will easily fit into the freezer

  • You get to experiment with a variety of cuts
  • You can customize your orders anytime - adding extra beef for special events or holidays
  • You pay as you go
  • You can hold your next order if you are still working on an existing order
  • You get a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back!


CONSIDERING BUYING Ordering a Beef Subscription?


I don’t know how to cook all the cuts. 

We offer suggestions about cooking all cuts and share recipe ideas from home chefs, restaurant chefs, and all foodies. 

It’s more convenient to buy at the store.

 You will find once you become accustomed to having meat on hand, the “MOST” convenient source of meat is your own freezer. We will deliver to your house once a month so you DON'T even have to go to the store.

I prefer buying Fresh Meat. 

Grass finished beef is a seasonal product that is harvested in late summer and early fall. In order to have this quality product available year round, freezing is nature’s best preservative.

We have found that because our processors do an excellent job of cutting, wrapping, and flash freezing, the meat is still fantastic 18 months later! It is easy to thaw in the fridge overnight or in a ziplock bag in cool water.

We don’t eat that much meat.

A family of 4 will get between 100 and 130 meals of beef from a half beef, 50‐65 from a quarter.  Eating beef 2 times per week it will take a family approximately 1 year to eat a half beef, or 6 months to eat a quarter. Most families eat through a 10 pound pack in 1 month's time.