Cooking Grass Fed Beef - Pro Tips

Remember to cook your beef "Low and Slow"! This meat is a treasure, and needs to be handled with care.

Make sure not to overcook your steaks and roasts. With grass finished beef there are some cuts which are better prepared with moist heat, and others better with dry heat.

If you don't have one, purchase a top quality meat thermometer to guarantee perfect results every time. We also recommend a meat tenderizer for prepping some cuts. 

If you would like to learn more, search for "cooking grass fed beef". There are tons of resources online. Our favourite website for fantastic grass finished beef recipes is Lynne Curry.

Lynne Curry has also written, Pure Beef: An Essential Guide to Artisan Meat with Recipes for Every Cut a great book all about grass finished beef. We recommend getting a copy to have on hand as it is FULL of great recipes specifically for grass finished beef.