Cutting Your Prime Rib Roasts into Ribeye Steaks

We are currently sold out of our New York's, Tenderloin's and Ribeye Steaks... HOWEVER we still have plenty of Prime Rib Roasts, which are super easy to cut down into your very own steaks!

  1. Thaw your Prime Rib Roast
  2. Cut off the bone (if you want, freeze and save for future soup/broth)
  3. Cut your steak evenly into multiple steaks - depending on your desired thickness... we choose 3 steaks at about 12oz each
  4. Season with your favourite dry rub - we used a combo of garlic powder, maple sugar, onion powder, olive oil and salt n pepper
  5. Grill on a very hot grill (BBQ) or a cast iron pan (make sure to heat before hand) for 90 seconds per side depending on thickness
  6. Make sure to test the internal temp of your steaks to make sure that you're not under/over cooking - Rare: 125 degrees, Medium Rare: 130 degrees
  7. Do not cook over Medium Rare
  8. Enjoy :)