Korean Rubbed Blackberry Summer Roast

A Recipe by Chef Barb Thomas


·      1 Mitchell Bros. Round Roast

·      2 tbsp gochu jang

·      1 tbsp garlic paste or powder

·      Sea salt and pepper

·      Avocado oil for cooking

·      4 purple yams (ube)

·      Blackberries and other Seasonal Fruit



1.     Thaw Roast and bring to room temperature

2.     Pre-heat BBQ to 250 C

3.     While BBQ is preheating, pat the roast dry and then rub with spices. Season liberally with salt and pepper

4.     Coat yams in a fine layer of avocado oil. Leave whole

5.     Place roast on the BBQ

6.     Slowly cook roast on the BBQ and turn every 45 minutes for an even crispy surface

7.     Monitor internal temperature of the roast with a meat thermometer. When it reaches 100C, add purple yams to the BBQ

8.     Cook yams until soft inside

9.     When roast reaches 120C remove from heat, add dollops of butter to the warm roast and let stand for 15 minutes

10. Once roast has rested, slice yams into large medallions, pressing butter in between the slices and season with salt and pepper

11. Place the sliced yams around the outside of the roast and allow them to sit in the roast juices

12. Top roast with blackberries and other seasonal fruit

13. Enjoy :)