Buying Beef directly from your rancher is the most economical way to guarantee a year round supply of premium Grass Fed, Grass Finished Beef for your family

Mitchell Bros. Beef is available directly from us, the Ranchers, in either a 1/4 Cow, 1/2 Cow or Whole Cow bulk order. Our grass finished beef is a seasonal product, with our butchering happening between August and October each year. Therefore, when you order a 1/4, 1/2 or whole, your beef will be available for you in the fall, depending on the processing date.

We are now taking orders for our Fall 2018 Harvest

  • $4.50/lb Hanging Weight plus a $0.86 processing fee
  • 1/4's range from 170lbs to 215lbs 

*All 1/4's are mixed 1/4's, you are getting cuts from both the front and hind of the cow*

  • 1/2's range from 350lbs to 400lbs
  • Whole Cow's range from 600lbs to 800lbs
  • Cutting orders to your specifications
  • Jerky, Patties, Sausages, etc. have additional processing fees

*All of our prices are based on the hanging weight of the cow. Beef yield is approximately 60% of the wet hanging weight. Shrinkage occurs from the 21 days of dry aging and trimming the beef*

How to Order

  1. Contact us through the website button above, at or call Bette at 403 874 2719 or Kira at 587 999 4003 to place your order
  2. Send in your $300 deposit. This deposit is necessary for us to secure your order
  3. Choose your cuts. We will walk through your order form with you once your order is placed to make sure that you are getting the cuts you want for your family!
  4. Balance of the 1/4, 1/2 or whole cow is due on or before delivery date. Butcher fees will come on your invoice so you only need to make one payment
  5. Delivery within Calgary is included in your order. Or alternatively, you can pick up your beef from Pure Country, our Processor, in Strathmore, Alberta