‘This beef is the most ‘digestible’ I have ever eaten. There was no gut grumble what so ever and that says a lot.’


“We did a blind taste test at Fernie on the weekend with a Mitchell Bros. grass finished steak and a conventionally raised steak. The flavour profile of the grass finished was remarkable and was everyone’s favourite. Side by side you can really taste the difference .’


‘After several years as vegans, our bodies were screaming at us to eat some meat. We decided to investigate and found Mitchell Bros. at the Farmers and Makers Market at C-Space. Because of their respectful cattle management practices we bought some stew meat and gave it a try.’

‘Our brains felt euphoric eating the beef. Now we add this healthful product to our diet once a week and feel wonderful!’

- Vegans

'The Mitchell Bros. Beef has been excellent, the kids love the jerky and although we chose a ton of ground beef, it's been very handy!'

- A.C.

‘We have tried the ground beef and the minute steak so far, and we are loving it! We are astonished at how there is actually a different taste from the usual grocery store beef we buy, and we’re loving it. Thank you!

Looking forward to our ¼ cow! 😊’


'The beef is awesome! We had the tenderloin last week and it was fantastic! I took your advice and tried a small portion myself to see how I would react and happily I was fine! I am sold! My “allergy’ to beef is not apparent with grass finished beef so count me in for future orders. I had no trouble with the preparation or finish. It was tender and juicy. I am used to cooking bison so I used a similar process and all was well!'

- Kelly

'The Mitchell Bros. Beef is great! So far we only we only had some steaks and I made a large batch of meatballs. Both were delicious and my husband prefers the taste to the other beef we had been buying, so that's a big win!'

- A.D.

'The beef has been fantastic! Steaks & ground beef so far' 

- Robert

'So far, we have been extremely happy with out Mitchell Bros. Beef. Flavour wise ... it is certainly far superior to grocery store beef. I've become a bit of a beef purist, so I don't use many sauces or anything that can hide the flavour of the beef because good beef should be able to stand up on it's own. The flavour of Mitchell Bros. Beef is some of the best I've ever had. The Prime Rib was, without a doubt, the most tender Grass Fed Prime Rib I have ever had'

- D.H.

'It is really tasty stuff. Still getting the cooking down, but it is coming!'

- D.N.

'Mitchell Bros. ground beef was SO delicious. My super picky kids even commented on how great it was!'