Meat Responsibly

To eat meat more ethically, the advice is two-fold: eat less and choose better quality meat. We believe that Grass Fed, Grass Finished Beef tops the list for being a complete and natural food choice. It starts by being a complete protein source that is required for growth and is a source of energy. Protein is needed to maintain the structure, function and regulation of the body’s cells, tissues and organs. However, when eating beef, your body sees much more than just protein. High vitamin and mineral levels and ideal fatty acid profiles complete the package.

Better for You

  • No antibiotics and hormones added
  • No feed lots or grain feeding
  • High Vitamin A,E and B12 source
  • Source of heme-iron which is typically absorbed at a higher rate than non-heme iron from fruits, veg, grains and processed food.
  • Ideal Omega 6 - Omega 3 ratio
  • Significantly high source of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) which helps the body increase metabolic rates, boost the immune system and keep cholesterol levels in check among other things.


Better For the Animals

  • Able to express natural herd behaviour
  • Stress-free management with horses (the non-rodeo kind) and cowboys
  • Open access to spring water
  • Access to a variety of natural grasses
  • Natural shelters belts of trees and riperian areas
  • Never confined in pens
  • Slaughtered at small local facility in Strathmore, Alberta that respects animal welfare

Better For the Planet

  • Holistic Planned Grazing to manage livestock — mimicking the predator/prey relationships in which these environments evolved
  • Utilize the practice of regenerative agriculture that nurtures a robust ecosystem and healthy soil
  • Carbon is the primary driver of soil fertility - building soil carbon through cattle management makes ranches more resilient against extreme weather events like droughts, wildfires and floods

Hypocrites - The Father of Modern Medicine - said “Let Food Be Thy Medicine”. Believing this, consumers are becoming very conscious of what they put on their plates. How will you meat responsibly?