Pulled Roast from Frozen

One of the easiest ways to cook a roast (Round, Eye of Round, Rump or Cross Rib) is in the slow cooker! The low heat over a prolonged period of time makes the beef tender and ‘fall apart’.

Even easier than cooking a roast in the slow cooker? Cooking a roast from FROZEN in the slow cooker. The easiest way to do this is over night from 9pm - 9am. 12 hours to slow cook makes the perfect roast for pulling!

What you need:

1 Mitchell Bros. Roast - Frozen

1 can of beer (or cup of wine)

A slow cooker

  1. Unwrap frozen roast and place in the slow cooker

  2. Pour the one can of beer or cup of wine into the slow cooker

  3. Place on low heat

  4. Let cook for 12hrs (easiest way to do this is overnight 9pm - 9am)

  5. Once your 12 hrs is up, take roast out of slow cooker and shred with a fork.

  6. Sive the fat out of the juices in the slow cooker and place the pulled beef back into slow cooker to keep on warm or to serve!

  7. Enjoy :)