The Perfect Family Dinner - Round Roast

Cooking Family Dinner? We have the easiest and tastiest way to cook a perfect Round Roast so that everyone will be begging you for more!

1.   Pre-heat your over to 300°F for a Medium Rare Roast

2.   Let your roast come to room temperature

3.   Pat your roast dry with paper towel

4.   Pat your roast with Salt and Pepper until covered

5.   Place your roast in a Cast Iron Pan and place in the oven

6.   Cook your roast until internal temperature is 130°F for Medium Rare

*Time for cooking depends on thickness of the roast and the power of the oven. Make sure to periodically check to make sure that you’re not overcooking. Should take approximately 40 – 55 minutes

7.   Tent your roast lightly with foil and leave to rest for 30 minutes

8.   Heat your oven to 350°F

9.   Place your roast back in the oven in your cast iron pan

10.  Let your roast cook for 10 minutes

*This technique is called a reverse sear and we LOVE it. With a reverse sear you have greater control over the ‘done-ness’ of your roast because you’re making sure that the high heat only come into play at the end of the cooking process and the roast will be perfect inside.

11.  Let your roast rest

12.  To serve, cut against the grain