CBC Article: River Cafe and Matthias Fong

Mitchell Bros. Ranches Ltd. is absolutely thrilled to be featured at River Cafe this fall. Mathias Fong, the head chef at this Award Winning restaurant continues to support our ranch by purchasing a whole steer and preparing it nose to tail. We urge you to take the beautiful walk across the bridge to sample the best locally sourced, sustainable food in the City.  

River Café's Matthias Fong brings a world of techniques to the Canadian table - By Julie Van Rosendaal

It was a love of cooking and of absorbing as much as he could through cookbooks while studying sociology at the University of Calgary that drew executive chef Matthias Fong into the kitchen at River Café.

"People always ask, 'What style of cooking do you do?' And I couldn't really tell you. I don't have formal French training. All I've learned has been on the job and cooking with my mom," Fong said.  READ MORE