Rocky Mountain Beef Brisket

Rocky Mountain Brisket with barbeque sauce   

1 ½ tsp salt                                                        6 servings

1 ½ tsp pepper 

2 tbsp chili powder 

1 tsp crushed bay leaves

2 tbsp liquid smoke

4 lb Mitchell Bros. beef brisket

Combine salt and pepper, chili powder+ bay leaves           rub meat completely with liquid smoke .put meat fat side up, in roasting pan sprinkle with dry seasoning mixture or tap. Cover lightly. Bake for 4 hours at 325 degrees. Scrape seasoning off meat and cut in very thin slices across the grain.

Serve with barbeque sauce.      

Barbeque sauce –goes with brisket.

3 tbsp brown sugar 

1 14oz bottle of catsup 400ml

½ c. water 

2 tbsp liquid smoke 

Salt and pepper to taste

4 tbsp Worcestershire sauce

3 tsp dry mustard 

2 tsp celery seed 

6 tbsp butter 

¼ tsp cayenne pepper 

Combine all ingredients 

Bring to a boil, Stir occasionally 

Cook for ten min. serve with sliced brisket  

These Peppers Have The Right Stuff

These Peppers Have The Right Stuff

Stuffed peppers are a beautiful fresh dinner idea. Using our grass fed beef as well as local peppers (thanks Broxburn) and others fresh ingredients, make this recipe a powerhouse! It can be made KETO by eliminating the grain/rice in the mixture. We found LOTS of great recipes on-line and simply inserted our local ingredients. Here’s how we made these beauties…

Pulled Roast from Frozen

Pulled Roast from Frozen

One of the easiest ways to cook a roast (Round, Eye of Round, Rump or Cross Rib) is in the slow cooker! The low heat over a prolonged period of time makes the beef tender and ‘fall apart’.

Even easier than cooking a roast in the slow cooker? Cooking a roast from FROZEN in the slow cooker. The easiest way to do this is over night from 9pm - 9am. 12 hours to slow cook makes the perfect roast for pulling!

Minute Steaks: BBQ or Cast Iron Pan.... Your Choice!

Minute Steaks: BBQ or Cast Iron Pan.... Your Choice!

Minute Steaks are a cut of either the top round or the top sirloin that are pre- tenderized and flattened by a meat tenderizer. The tenderizing breaks down the muscle fibres, giving the steak their characteristic appearance and making them more tender then the original cut.  They need to be cooked quickly, because they’re so thin, to retain the moisture and avoid going tough. Literally, all that’s needed is a MINUTE!

Cutting Your Prime Rib Roasts into Ribeye Steaks

We are currently sold out of our New York's, Tenderloin's and Ribeye Steaks... HOWEVER we still have plenty of Prime Rib Roasts, which are super easy to cut down into your very own steaks!

  1. Thaw your Prime Rib Roast
  2. Cut off the bone (if you want, freeze and save for future soup/broth)
  3. Cut your steak evenly into multiple steaks - depending on your desired thickness... we choose 3 steaks at about 12oz each
  4. Season with your favourite dry rub - we used a combo of garlic powder, maple sugar, onion powder, olive oil and salt n pepper
  5. Grill on a very hot grill (BBQ) or a cast iron pan (make sure to heat before hand) for 90 seconds per side depending on thickness
  6. Make sure to test the internal temp of your steaks to make sure that you're not under/over cooking - Rare: 125 degrees, Medium Rare: 130 degrees
  7. Do not cook over Medium Rare
  8. Enjoy :)


QUINTO QUARTO (the 5th quarter) For Responsible Meat Consumers

QUINTO QUARTO (the 5th quarter) For Responsible Meat Consumers

To put it simply the fifth quarter (QUNITO QUARTO in Italian) is the remaining pieces of an animal carcass which are not being used for meat production. This included the organs, hide, intestines, feet, the head, horns, hooves, bones, fats and anything left once all the good meat is taken away. Many of these remnants of cattle processing hold great flavour, nutrition, strength, and possibilities!